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‘Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory’ 

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I made a CD of mixed music to play for when my daughter was being born. She was born to a very …


We used to love that Cafe in Rhyl. I think I must have been about 12 and my sister 10. In the …


I remember lots of sweets from the 80s but oh my god, my fave has to be ‘The Texan Bar’. I can’t …


Liked this addition even less than the 2000 Millenium sign. Not sure what year this came down but it was so great …


I think this was in 2001 was most excited when we visited Kennedy Space Centre to see they were getting ready for …


A photo of our beautiful labs Charlie and Rosie who are Mother and Son. Charlie is nearly one year old now and …


I’m sure my sister will agree with this memory. Back in the 80s as our parents ran a flatlet and guest house …


I’ve been trying to find out for weeks what this building was called. I actually thought it was a ‘nunnery’ but just …

What Can I Post/Share?

Below are just a few examples. Post whatever memories you have about anything!


Post your musical memories, favourite lyrics, songs that mean something to you..


Post your memories of the buildings you remember growing up, long gone shops...


Post the people you have met throughout your life, what they meant to you, their personalities...


Post the smells of your mum cooking whilst growing up, flowers, perfume / aftershave...


Post your memories of family members long gone, what you miss about them...

So, How Do I Post and Tag Memories?

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You can search, read and add memories and comments with people all over the world. Share your memories with everyone!

What People Are Saying

About MemoryTag and what it means to them...

"I love DisneyWorld as that is my escape from life. I take so many photos and have great memories from there. I'm so glad i can post and share them on here not just for my friends to see, but anyone in the world too!"
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Claire Watson
Tamworth, UK
"My Hometown has changed so much since I was a boy and I wanted to share all my memories of yesteryear. I have friends who have moved to all different places in the world and this is a great place to share my old Rhyl Memories with them and for whoever grew up in Rhyl"
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Michael Jones
Rhyl, UK
"Even at my young age I like to visit all the Castles in the UK. My friends aren't interested so I post my memories of the Castles on here so that anyone in the world can see, read and comment about. I love hearing other peoples views on Castles and how they perceive them differently to me"
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David Williams
Brighton, UK