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Well, here you are.  Ready to Post your memories for the world to see?  Well you wouldn’t be here if the answer was ‘NO!’

Alright then, lets get started.  It really is quite simple so just follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are logged in.  If you aren’t logged in then not much is going to happen.
  • Happily logged in? 
  • Ok, let’s start with the ‘Post Title’ try and make your ‘Memory/Post Tile’ as descriptive as possible.  If i was going to say about my memory of a Time I went to a gig and saw ‘ABC’ i would probably  title it along these lines:  ’80s Reunion, Chester – Saw and Met ABC’
  • You still with me?  Ok, now is the interesting part, this is what the site is all about…your ‘Memory Tags’.
  • Ok, so we have the ‘Post Title’ so now we can break that down or just think of tags to describe that memory….
  • So, going from my ‘Post Title’ I could use ‘Tags’ like these (you must seperate each tag with a comma): 80s, Reunion, Chester, ABC, Martin Fry, Look of Love, All of my heart
  • So the point of the ‘Tags’ is that if someone typed in the ‘Search’ box on the main page ’80s’ or ‘ABC’ or ‘Reunion’ then your memory would appear to them on the memories page.  Simple eh?
  • Now the ‘Post Content’ bit… Here is where you type everything about your memory.  This will be the main content that other people will read.
  • You can also add an image.  Well you add up to 6 images if you wish.
  • Once you have checked it all over you can click on the ‘Submit Post’ button. 
  • Your post will then be submitted and verified and then will go live on the site.
  • Oh….and thank you posting your memory as they are very precious to us all.