Favourite teacher Rhyl High School in the 80s



It’s funny how you always remember that one special teacher in school. Back in the 80s in Rhyl High School in North Wales i think most peoples favourite teacher was the Art teacher Mr Brian Hughes. This guy was just so cool and would talk about everything and anything and just let you be yourself. Another side of him is that he also ran the Rhyl High School boys hockey club which i joined.

I remember we turned up to play Prestatyn High School and we hadn’t even trained, just a mish mash of kids like ‘The Dirty Dozen’. We didnt know what position we were playing in or anything, nobody wanted to be in goal (as boy does that hockey ball hurt) so i got voted in.

We got out of the minibus and saw the other school team…..their goalie had all expesnive protective gear on and i had some old cricket leg pads which were too big and i could hardly walk, no protective helmet (i think we had a large sieve from the home economics class) and i was dumped in goal. I don’t think the score was too bad and i remember my defining glory and a memory i always look back fondly on was when they had a penalty for a foul.

Their top scorer went to take the penalty flick and i knew that he was going to try and hurt me with it….so he took it the penalty spot, my life flew before me as I saw it moving towards my head so my instant reaction was to put the stick up to my face and i saved it!! He was so peeved haha. A very precious memory that i still ramble on about now.

I have seen Mr Hughes several times on the car boot sales around Rhyl and he hasn’t changed a bit….thanks for the good memories of school and what a wonderful, funny and charming man.

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