Rhyl Suncentre and my youth



Rhyl Sun Centre….some might say a misspent youth but i loved the place in the 80s. Spent most of my teen years in there and they were some very happy times. My sister and I used to get a free pass because our parents used to have a flatlet house in Beechwood Road and we advertised the Sun Centre.

We used to go there every evening after school and on the weekends. There was myself, Paul Williams and David Lloyd and we used to have such a laugh in there. As soon as you walked through the turnstiles the smell and heat would hit you. I can still smell and feel it if i close my eyes…It paid to get to know the lifeguards also as you used to get free tickets to go on the rides. There was a neighbor who always used to let us go on the surfing machine (yes a pool with real waves and foam surfboards!) for free….I can picture his face yet never knew his name. He was a nice guy though.

The suncentre had the two big pools (surfing pool, main swimming pool and a little pool with the pink elephant slide and yellow bumpy slide) and all hell used to break loose when over the tannoy someone would say ‘waves in the lagoon pool’…you used to run over to the main pool to jump in and catch all the waves. Paul, David and Myself would also mess around in the tunnels when you came out of the changing rooms with water bombs filled with cold water from the sprays and catch out unsuspecting victims haha It wall all done in great fun when people actually had a sense of humor. If you did that nowadays you would have some person taking a video of them crying on facebook!

How times have changed 🙁 I heard the old girl got pulled down. I’m glad that i wasn’t there to see it as i moved away a few years ago. I want to remember the place as it was back in the 80s and all those happy memories made.

If the photo is copyright then i apologise and have only used it for educational purposes only.

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