Dolawen Nurses Home, Rhyl



I’ve been trying to find out for weeks what this building was called. I actually thought it was a ‘nunnery’ but just found out that it was a Nurses Quarter and Training rooms but was known by the locals as ‘nunnery’. I was only young in the 80s when it was all closed down and ready to be knocked down to make way for the Rhyl Precinct. Now, why do i remember this place? I recall being told it was a ‘nunnery’ and that it was haunted. When you look at the size of the building it was huge! Myself, Steven Amos and David Wayne Holmes went there once to see if it was haunted…we only walked into a room at the back of the building and heard a noise upstairs and ran away faster than Steve Cram! Great Times and a fond memory. Love the Health & Safety measures of the wheelbarrow and a plank of wood

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