Rhyl Fun Fair 1980s

Michael Jones

Michael Jones

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Ahhh, the funfair, Rhyl back in the 80s. What a time to be in Rhyl. You could start your walk from the Bright Spot Arcade and the the walk all the way up to the fair was absolutely heaving with holidaymakers everywhere.

Nowadays it’s a ghost town (yes i did hear the specials in the background then).

I remember going to the fair most weekends even though it was about a 2 mile walk from my house, the fair was the place to be, the smells of the food, the tacky music, the pervy attendents on the waltzers and the undigestible burgers.

There was so much to do there, the go carts and water splash used to be my faves. There was also stalls with air rifles and you used to have to knock the metal objects down (the barrel of the air rifle was bent beyond belief so that you never won haha)

I think i remember when you used to have to buy tokens at the front of the fair to go on the ride ala Blackpool style.

Ah well it’s all gone now, such a shame.

The photos are not mine. I remember that last arcade though, my gran used to go to the cafe in there and i used to go on the fruit machines, it was an awful arcade and the Downtown nightclub was above it.

Michael Jones

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