Stantons Cafe, Rhyl in the 80s

We used to love that Cafe in Rhyl. I think I must have been about 12 and my sister 10. In the Summer Holidays our dear Aunt Nell used to catch the bus down from Rhyl on a Friday and we used to either meet her off the Crosville Bus in the old bus station in Rhyl (which is now the job centre) or meet her outside Stantons.

We used to go in, grab a table and decide what to eat…there is only ever one thing we wanted to eat and that was their Toast! Mmmm can still taste it now, was the best toast ever and never found that taste again. We would also have a banana milkshake each which was amazing. After we had finished eating and my mum had done the boring shopping, she would go home and Aunt Nell, my sister and I would go on the prom to the arcades. Great times and i wish i could go back to them…also miss my Aunt Nell very dearly.


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