Alton Towers and Cheese Spread Baps!



I’m sure my sister will agree with this memory. Back in the 80s as our parents ran a flatlet and guest house we didn’t get a day off in the summer holidays as the rooms were always full with guests. So our treat was to go to Alton Towers on a school day, usually in september when school had just started back up again.

Back in the good old days (bah humbug) there was none of this wasting money in restaurants like what people seem to do now on crap food….what we had were ‘Cheese Spread Baps!’ and my god were they tasty! You used to find somewhere to sit on the grass at lunchtime and our mum would get the cheese baps out of the tin foil whilst me and my sister used to scoff the lot.

It’s funny but every time i have a cheese bap now it always brings that lovely memory flooding back.

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