Labradors: Charlie and Rosie



A photo of our beautiful labs Charlie and Rosie who are Mother and Son. Charlie is nearly one year old now and Rosie had a littler of 7 beautiful labs this time last year.

When Charlie was born his whole body would shake continously and he just used all his energy to drag himself across the floor. We were certain it was ‘Shaking Puppy Syndrome’ and were so worried for him. He just didn’t have the strength to latch on like the other pups and my partner who did such a wonderful job nursed him as much as she could and has the patience of a saint.

We decided early on to keep Charlie as he was just so loving and even though he was very unstable on his legs he would battle on and fight with his brothers and sisters. To this day he hasn’t barked although he will let a high pitched noise when he is play fighting with his mum but he is so loyal and loving…you only have to go out of the room for 20 seconds and when he sees you its like he hasn’t seen you in years. He will follow you everywhere with a loving smile and wagging tail and is the best friend you could ever ask for.

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